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Lost Truth Press is now offering Children’s Board Games!

All games are printed by The Game Crafter and available on their website (just click on the game title below)

– Ninja Training –

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Train your body to become a ninja! Perform different stretches to obtain your first 3 belts. Accomplishing 5 various exercises will earn you your next belts. Then 1 last super challenge and you’ve got your black belt! Lastly, take on the samurais with your group of ninja friends to become the ultimate warrior!

This is a great exercise game that can be played by anyone ages 4 and up. Especially good for a rainy day when the little ones are full of energy with no way to expel it. Kids are excited to “level up” with each new belt!


– Super Heroes –


Great family game! Use your imagination and activate super powers to overcome challenges. The game features 11 potential powers. Acquire the right one to help you get through your obstacle. Fly over a river of lava! Scale mountains! Stop time! Control the weather! All your super hero fantasies come to life!

Children have the opportunity to think outside the box and put their problem solving skills to the test. There is no right or wrong answer. Players must discuss among themselves to decide if a player’s super power can get them through the challenge. 

Ages 6 and up

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