Lost Truth Press

Children's Books For The Whole Family

About the Author

Moment Johnson started the publishing company, Lost Truth Press, in 2012. She has enjoyed writing and creating many different forms of art her whole life. She’s been a childcare provider for the past 19 years. It was caring for these kids that inspired her to begin writing children’s books. The idea of Lost Truth Press is that somewhere along the line as adults we lose our childhood simplicity and creativity. The majority of books Moment writes, illustrates, and publishes are focused on connecting with nature and ourselves. Imaginative stories that incorporate lessons on honoring the individual, being true to yourself, and opening up. Also interwoven within some of these stories, is information on different animals, places, and nature. The idea is to write colorful, engaging books that not only capture the attention of the child, but also the person reading to them.

She has recently started a series of travel books for kids. Creating images of different beautiful places within a state to encourage travel and exploration. Each of the different images are created from a multitude of mediums to create a dreamlike, imaginative world.

Aside from writing and traveling, Moment enjoys rockhounding, cheesemaking, shooting pool, sewing and dabbling in the arts of magik and make believe.

Books are available for purchase at Amazon and Etsy


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