Blessed tells the story of the author’s seven month journey through Belize. A simple tale of islands and jungles. Discovery and kindness. Reflection and contemplation. A mixture of the Belizean lifestyle, internal discoveries, profound insights, and poetic glances of nature.

Everything comes together in this story in perfect harmony. With no real purpose or plan, Moment sets out to discover a different way of life. Opportunities appear at every corner, and what may seem like a setback at first glance truly becomes a blessing in disguise. Her quest leads her to spending seven weeks in solitude on forty acres in the Belizean rainforest.

Step inside the author’s mind and experience a slice of Belizean paradise as she experienced it.

Book measures 6” x 9”, is paperback, and contains 222 pages

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“I really enjoyed reading this story. Lots of good details and at times I could really picture where she was and what she was going through. Great descriptions. I also liked how she was very upbeat and positive about her experience there and in her life in general. She gave us the experience of being in Belize without actually going there. So many wonderful parts to Belize. Great story, I enjoyed her writing.”  – Cindy Jervis

“I am a city boy born and raised. Concrete and steal are the foundation of my existence.
The recent trip I took through Belize, via Moment Johnson’s tale of the time she spent living in a forest in Belize, confirm that this landlubber will never see the coast of that tiny Central American country.
It’s not that Johnson tells a tale of horror, it’s that all the things that make Belize attractive to one person are the exact items which make it unattractive to another. This city boy’s idea of roughening it is black and white cable TV, in an air conditioned hotel room overlooking the plaza of a vibrant city.
Johnson takes us to a land where if a bus or a person you’re scheduled to meet are fifteen minutes late they’re considered to be on-time. A place where anyone and everyone driving a pickup truck will give a lift to anyone and everyone walking down the road without a second thought. In Los Angeles we have Uber.
The blessed trip Johnson writes about includes seven weeks living alone in a cabin in the middle of a forest with all the bugs, mosquitoes, monkeys, and other animals of nature. For those who love outdoor experiences this will be a satisfying trip that few will ever have the opportunity to enjoy, and for those, like me, whose daily animal exposure is limited to seeing my neighbors four cats lying outside my door, I say: “I’m glad there are other people who enjoy those experiences so that I don’t have to be the one.”
“Blessed” tells a tale of people, nature, and a lifestyle different than any us city folk will ever come across. It’s book of travel and adventure for us folks who want to know about such things without leaving the comfy of our living room. Enjoy Johnson’s travels and encounters while leaning back in your recliner chair, next to a cozy fire, and with a nice glass of Chardonnay by your side.”  Steven Tyler, Author of  “One Little Lie”

“Blessed. “No second goes left unappreciated.” This book took me away on an international journey, where I felt the tropical air, smelled the rainforest, and heard the sounds created by both nature and the people of Belize. She writes a raw and open account of her journey as a young American woman and challenges the reader to understand other cultures, to live in the moment, to soak up every experience and to see the beauty in the ups and downs. I walked away from this read with a renewed focus to intentionally find the joy in every experience each day with an open heart.” Dena Smith