Plato the Platypus lives in the rainforest of Tasmania, an Australian island. While diving in the river for food, he meets other animals who are confused by his appearance. They all think he needs to be more like them. Plato tries unsuccessfully to fly like a duck, eat like a Tasmanian devil, climb like a bearded dragon, crow like a rooster, and chew down trees like a beaver. In the end, he realizes he does not need to be like these other animals. He only needs to be himself.

This book will teach your children about Platypuses through a fun and intriguing story. At the end of the book, discover more information about platypuses and the animals Plato encounters.

This book is good for ages 6 and up

This is book is paperback. It measures 8.25 inches by 6 inches and is 40 pages long.

The illustrations in this book were made with recycled fabric.

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“‘I’m a Platypus’ is a lovely, cute, & unique book. So wonderful to expose children to a uniquely special & wonderful creature, help them (& yourself) learn of a really interesting animal they can share with their friends that’s different than any other animal! I bought the book for myself & love it (& have no kids). It’s my favorite animal…and this book provides wonderful teaching moments for young children to be happy in being themselves, uniquely wonderful, like the platypus. The book shipped without delay…Please consider adding this to YOUR collection, it is sweet :)” – NapalmNick

“Our girls love the stitched layering of felt and other recycled materials used in illustrating this story.” – Nicole Vandergriff