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At Lost Truth Press we are dedicated to creating books that are engaging, thought provoking and educational. The focus is primarily on children’s books, but in 2015 we published our first adult travel novel.

“Blessed,” is a personal account of the author, Moment Johnson’s, seven-month adventure in Belize. With no real purpose or plan, Moment sets out to discover a different way of life. Opportunities appear at every corner, and what may seem like a setback at first truly becomes a blessing in disguise. Her journey leads to spending seven weeks in solitude on forty acres in the Belize rainforest, secluded among natural springs, chattering monkeys, and various palms trees.

Continuing with the theme of travel, the children’s books “From Ute to Utah” and “A Hat Flies over Wyoming” contain vibrant mixed-media illustrations creating a dreamlike, imaginative world. These unique books take readers on colorful adventures through the wild rock formations found in these states. “Ancient Giants of the Black Hills” and “The Earth Keeps Spinning, but Never Gets Dizzy” fall into an almost ethereal account of timeless wisdom.

Other common topics include the importance of being true to yourself, anti-bullying, social issues, and accepting change. The idea of being different while also accepting others is highlighted in “I’m A Platypus” and “The Lost Piece.” Along with stories about nature, many of our books include engaging life lessons subtly interwoven with education and humor. “Little Caterpillars Dilemma” intermingles the path of a caterpillar from chrysalis to butterfly with personal responsibility and overcoming fear. “Spike Becomes A Daddy” reveals the unique circumstance of reproduction in seahorses while incorporating lessons in seeking common ground. Laughter often helps the medicine go down, and “The Booger that Escaped” has a hilariously disgusting plot featuring brilliantly colored boogers running rampant around the house… to explain how germs are spread and encourage little ones to properly cover up when sneezing!

In “The Trickster,” the true meaning of Lost Truth Press is summed up quite well. The story depicts a young girl’s imaginative outlook vs. her parents more concrete way of thinking. The idea of “Lost Truth” is that somewhere along the line as adults we lose our childhood simplicity and creativity. As children, we see the beauty in all things. The magic inside the science. Everyone we come across is a friend waiting to be made and we express ourselves freely. Asking questions and making remarks without regard to how others may perceive us. Somewhere in this innocence is true wisdom. A place to return to.

Using the slogan, “children’s books for the whole family,” the goal is to not only capture the attention of the child, but also the person reading to them. These books are just as much for adults and teenagers as they are for kids!

Our books are currently available on Amazon and Etsy. Moment sells them out of the back off her truck as well. So if you see a black Honda Pilot driving around with magnetic signs advertising for Lost Truth Press, stop and check it out!

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