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Lost Truth Press

At Lost Truth Press we are dedicated to creating books that are engaging, thought provoking and educational. We primarily focus on children’s books, however in 2015 we published our first travel novel.

Right now we offer 10 different children’s books for sale. Topics include animals, nature, anti-bullying, being true to yourself, accepting change and fitting in. Our top seller has been a more humorous book about boogers. “The Booger that Escaped.” Teaching children, in a rather disgusting way, to always cover their nose and mouth when they sneeze. Each book is unique and features a different medium for the artwork.

Currently, Moment Johnson is the only author we have published. However, we hope to publish more up and coming authors in the future.

Our books are currently for sale on Amazon, Etsy and Squareup. Also, Moment sells them out of the back off her truck. So if you see a black Honda Pilot driving around with magnetic signs advertising for Lost Truth Press, stop and check it out!

If you aren’t interested in buying any books, but would like to donate to help me get this business off the ground, you can do so at paypal.me/losttruthpress

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